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9:33pm 03-02-2012
Hi guys! just wondering if i could join OVF would be great if i was accepted..
9:34pm 02-27-2012
Just send me an E-mail on and I will send you the info about the teamspeak.
7:39pm 02-27-2012
Hey. what are you playing now, and what ts?
4:22pm 02-24-2012
Skulle gärna spela med er någon dag Är ofta online på skype ( så jag kan få eran ts pass ). Är ganska trött därför kanske jag skriver konstigt..
4:05pm 02-24-2012
Min Skype är mumintheking
10:08am 02-22-2012
Well, i still play MW, fixing bf3 with my new pc too.
10:34pm 02-08-2012
Nice to see that so many old frinds have drop by.
We haven't played AA for a very long time now but if you care to join us in a game of CoD MW or BF3 or just want to come in for a chat, you are all more then welcomme.

And a reunion, even if just for a weekend would be nice.
4:24pm 02-06-2012
lol O.V.F lex lol but you know me lol
4:23pm 02-06-2012
how is every budy ? long time not spoken i am now playing bf3 on 360 when i have a decent pc again i come back lol i think i build one this summer i got also my licents to drive now i need one to kill see you later bro's
1:16pm 02-06-2012
Hej alla
Spelar ni AA3?
9:59am 02-04-2012
ok thats one of problems , it coul be fun maybe to renunion all us old dinosaurs , i have started cod 4 again ,and working on my skills, we all have different games now , and it coud be fun some weekend to try to renunion ,
is there some new game that mostly O.v.F goin to buy
8:30pm 01-23-2012
Hey guys,

greetings from Germany and was a nice battle, I hope we can retake this in MW3 next time. Was a realy good match and your a nice team with absolutely fair mates. If you want, send me a message about our next battle or something.

Kind regards Vito from
12:38pm 01-23-2012
Omer: some of us are plaing cod mw3 and some others are playing BF3
7:07pm 01-18-2012
shit forgott ,, shult try to type in english
but u can allways use google translate from swedish to another languidge hehe
7:04pm 01-18-2012
hej gubbar .
nu skall jag snickar ihop en vc server igen
den kommer att heta =(O.v.F)= admin pw som innan , har ni inte spelet så kan ni tanka ner det det går inte att köpa längre hehe
spelar ni något nu ?
kan lägga till något mer jag har cod 4 modern armed assoult
hör av er
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