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5:46am 03-30-2011
and if u do then i wish u all the best no hard feelings just as i say
2:56am 03-30-2011
I told before that I maby will play some wars in CB and if I do that im going against 1 of our rule`s... that rule about ONE CLAN ONLY... because of that I told it here that i will leave if I play whit VhF in some CB war... I was little bit drunk when I wrote that Tonto so maby those world`s wasent right corectly... That about if you dont like it I leave.... I will leave if I play whit them.
9:00pm 03-29-2011
in the past if any of the members have asked can they play for another clan the answer has been NO, 1 of the biggest opponents to this was the member that is now asking to do the same, that is what i have based my decision on my biggest problem with what has been asked is the ultimatum that was added to the question = If you dont like it I will leave OVF ........... 1 member has left ovf and since joined vhf, i have no problem with that in itself because he had already left ovf b4 joining you that is respect for ovf, but prior to him leaving i am led to believe that he was asked many times to join vhf which makes me wonder did that have any part in his decision to leave!!! i also believe that vhf or someone from vhf has been asking another member of ovf to join them is that what u call RESPEKT for ovf, by actively recruiting from our membership? yes we are not active in any wars at the moment nor shall we be if our members are playing for other clans and it looks like finnen is considering leaving ovf too, it saddens me what has happened to our clan when we used to be such a strong force with strong friendship,not always the best at wars but always the greatest in respect and values. yes we are not an active clan at the moment so it begs the question should we carry on? i would like to think i have made friends in ovf but time will tell on that, or were they just virtual friends!! finnen can ask the council not just me and he can post a vote and then hopefully he can base his decision on that, or he can just leave as he points out, it is entirely his decision. but as you know we are a council a democratic council and the decision should be made by the council we are only 6 at the moment so there is not a majority vote whatever happens and what ever is decided i wish him well with the future.

council member ( =<(O.v.F)>=Tonto
10:09am 03-29-2011
hi m8s
i am sorry that its gone be a problem for ovf players thats whant too help vhf in some wars in bfbc2 vietnam
most of us have play and chat over the internet for more then 10 years now
so whats is the problem i cant see it you dont play bfbc2 at cb ?
i have big respekt for ovf
MVH Onkelsam
8:54pm 03-26-2011
its over anyway so u might as well
8:25pm 03-26-2011
ye i don't like it so do that, you know the rules your decision
6:18pm 03-26-2011
I will maby play some game`s for VHF in clanbase in spring cup in BF 2... If you dont like it I will leave OVF ...........
12:07am 03-20-2011
Doesnt work Bulten.... mail me that please whit PW... ...
5:22pm 03-14-2011
the ts 3 server will cease to exist soon as nasty has withdrawn his payment and also the black ops server will cease to exist also
4:09pm 03-13-2011
Bulten to the TS 3 server.
7:02am 03-12-2011
tonton ip for ts2 server
1:29am 03-12-2011
Congratulation LUCA BRO ... I hope everything goes alright whit your baby.

Can someone give me IP for our ts server???
11:24pm 03-10-2011
Congratzz To Our Old Brother in arms Luca!!!

Cheers Bro!!
9:48pm 02-17-2011
CHEERS old war bros
9:54am 02-16-2011
same here
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