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4:39pm 05-04-2011
i have also left =(O.v.F)= good bye and good luck to you all, i have no plans to join any other clan i just don't see the point in prolonging it anymore
3:49am 05-04-2011
It`s sad that OvF are falling down... I told you all that if Im gona play any matches whit vhf in any ladder then i will leave... I havent done that and still playing BF bad company whit ovf tag and will keep doing that. Bye Nasty and good luck in future.... Who get what Tonto??
3:57pm 05-03-2011
no point me being in ovf either av fun ppl, jari i will still be in ts2 when u call me as you and nasty are the only 2 of ovf that i see playing, any 1 else that wants me you know my x fire bye all. i also hear finnen has joined vhf so.... he has not announced it but that is what i hear
3:31pm 05-03-2011
good luck nasty its no surprise you leaving 1 by 1 we fall apart maybe when all the council are gone then maybe they get what they want
9:19pm 05-02-2011
Guys i have to say that i have leave ovf ,the reasons i dont like the run and gun play any more ......and go fore tatical realisum game style.

fore that i have go to find a clan that play like that so .... i fill in the 82 rct paper to get a try out to get a member .

I writting this whit pain in my hart only i have to do this i hope you guys understand this

I never gone foreget the time me is a member of ovf and the fun i have here
fore all of you good luck in your life .....s

Caioooo your crazy ex member NastyDog
6:42pm 04-28-2011
Well we are still a few brave souls that are playing more or less every night. And it's always fun if some of our old bros commes in and join us for a round or two .
10:12pm 04-18-2011
thx. I hope you start playing again and that the clan can be like in old days
6:19pm 04-18-2011
ye ok death i think we is dead anyway only 3 of us who regularly play together all rest left or are playing using another ts that they av not told us about that kinda sums it up good luck m8
1:57pm 04-16-2011
hey guys. I know I have not played much this last year, but I gotta take a break from the clan. I do not feel that the time is right, also seemed to me that all the good there was in clan many years ago are gone. examples when we played Vietcong. I really miss the times we had there. Hope it will work in the clan again. when I feel the time is good again, I will visit you and hope that I may be allowed to play with you again.

4:29pm 03-30-2011
ok glad to hear that u understand my meaning better, i did not set out to upset just to get a better understanding of what is happening
3:44pm 03-30-2011
it is not fun to hear that OVF is falling apart, we have played and had so much fun together for over 10 years i hope you can solve it
3:35pm 03-30-2011
well if you are too play cb wars you need to join vhf have nothing to do whit leaving ovf
as I said before
i am sorry that its gone be a problem for ovf players thats whant too help vhf in some wars in bfbc2 vietnam
and i did not no that ovf hade a rule thats say that they do not get to play with other clans in wars
I have not told anyone in the OVF that they should leave the OVF and come to vhf we have rules to and thats are play and have fun dont cheat
and it is not allowed to play cb wars in the same game that we are playing
the most imported rule are play and have fun
I heard you did not play BFBC2 and I asked Finnen and jari if they want to help play a few games in the spring cup i did not ask them to leave ovf and join vhf and the only thing that was on my mind was that i need som help wy dont ask the old m8s at ovf if any of the bfbc2 players can help vhf
but i am gone look in to it tonto and you are welcome in to vhf ts and chat if you whant
cya m8
3:02pm 03-30-2011
i will add that it was yesterday that 1 of our members told me he had been asked to join vhf i don't know who asked him but it was on my mind when i replied to your post so maybe it would be wise to ask around and find out who it is then at least u will be able solve that conundrum
2:56pm 03-30-2011
just saying it as i see it i am not blaming any 1 person it is simply a series of events that have happened, and seem to be still happening i know its not just vhf to blame we ovf are also to blame for what has happened we have let our clan fall apart,i am more frustrated than anyone about it, i was going to leave myself until i was talked into staying but for what i don't know! i had not really given it much thought about vhf until u wrote ur message yesterday and then things started to click into place, it is what it is, what will be will be que sera sera, as i see it for every action there is a re-action that is simply what i did sometimes the truth is hard to bear, only ppl that know for sure are the ones that are there at the time i only know what i have been told if i have been told wrongly of events then please advise me differently i am available to talk usually in ts2 so if anyone wants to speak with me just pop in, however it may seem i do not blame VHF for what has happened to OVF it is obviously closer to home the problems we have had and are having i feel at this moment in time that it is all going to end very soon so i would just like to say,as for me i will say i will not jump out of 1 bed and straight into another this has been a great experience for me meeting many different people from different cultures learning about them and getting to know them and then killing them hehe (in the game of course)

my regards to you also, and i wish VHF much success in the future for whatever they do and you also
9:51am 03-30-2011
well thanks tonto for what you think about vhf and me after over 10 years gaming i dont tell members to leave ovf and join vhf i have that RESPEKT for ovf but you have show the RESPEKT you have for me and vhf
and tonto if you have problems in ovf its not me or vhf to blame
end of this
my best regards to you tonto
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