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10:19pm 08-07-2011
12:19am 07-29-2011
Tamara .. (KGB)BaBe
and...i see i am not the only one who is missing old times..i miss you all my with u all days and nite's in was great time..great clans and great BRO'S...once and ..think never again .. to all OLD vc players
12:14am 07-29-2011
..hey hey.. i just came to say Helllo to all bro's..hope u are all fine..Greetings from Slo..
2:19pm 06-08-2011
oke her fore my old buddy,s some bf3 18 minutes of off-screen mp footage from E3...
out of LA USA
5:57pm 05-26-2011
5:57pm 05-26-2011
9:12pm 05-18-2011
maybe we should try playing Vietcong again?
6:18am 05-18-2011
If you need to find out which server i am on, you can normally find me via Xfire. Just to clarify I was voting for Battlefiled 2. I do have Battlefield Bad Company 2 but have problems with graphics and havent got around to buying Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam. These titles are becoming more complicated as time goes on
6:05am 05-18-2011
I agree with Finnen, if only we could turn back time to the vietcong game, such a good laugh with KGB clan. Perhaps the clan needs to think about which game to play and stick too, thats what made it fun in the good old days. I vote for BF2, ideally a server with vehicles.
9:37pm 05-17-2011
bulten ip and pass??
9:34pm 05-17-2011
Well there were some players that had problem connecting to the TS2 server so we mostly use the TS 3
7:18pm 05-17-2011
not seen anyone playing other than nasty and jari don't know what ts u r using
7:46am 05-17-2011
OK, I havn’t been in here for a while.

It is sad to see you all leave, but I will always se you as my old bros and friends and I hope that I see you out there from time to time, Nasty good luck with the new clan.

But we are still a few people how are playing more or less every night, so join us for a round or two if you want.
11:10pm 05-13-2011
i miss what time too finnen
2:27am 05-13-2011
Have a great time out there Tonto... It have BEEN WERY GREAT to know and play whit you mr Tonto .... Damn I want to go back 4-5 years ... and play the game where we all met each other... VIETNAM.... I really miss those time`s
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