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1:06pm 09-20-2011
Nice to see people posting on this guestbook again! It's been too long guys! Finally got myself my own computer so I hope we can all play again sometime soon! My xfire is: ovfturbo if some of you don't have it!
2:10am 09-19-2011
Oke old bro,s i can tell you now that the next 3 months of hell are started fore me
3 months of BTO class tranings

your old buddy NastyDog
10:32am 09-16-2011
me too it's nice to hear something from you Finnen
1:02am 09-16-2011
Soon there will be 2 game`s out and I think those 2 game`s will get us all back in action again ( I REALLY HOPE THAT )
10:47am 09-13-2011
I think it's sad that so many are leaving and i wish that it was anything i could do! but soon guys im back in action
12:34am 09-11-2011
Happy birthday Veli.
10:37pm 09-09-2011
OK, then we know and thx for the time we have hade the old one. New ts adress will be
9:30pm 09-09-2011
Hey old vikking bro,s i let you know that the ts is down forever because my acount is delete now
so you guys need to rent your own ts 3 now

Greez NastyDog
1:17am 09-07-2011
Hey Tammy babe how are you??
I`m in for some vc if it works whit vista?
6:41pm 09-04-2011
Hello guys how are you???
9:32pm 08-30-2011
And Tammy, always nice to hear from our old KGB friends
9:26pm 08-30-2011
I also run Windows 7, but I will try to get it to work.
3:31pm 08-28-2011
It,s dont run on my window 7

so not fore me
9:17am 08-28-2011
If u make a vc night i am in for sure !!
4:25pm 08-27-2011
how about a old classic VC night,,, ???
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