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4:39pm 12-12-2012
11:06pm 11-23-2012
I'm saying welcome to our new recruit, GhostRanger
2:32pm 10-29-2012
Hey Luca, its good but it's not so many active players anymore but feel free to join a chat at our ts3
address is:
and the password is the old one
12:07pm 10-15-2012
Hellooooo Bitches ! " Everybody still alive i hope ?!
All is well over here in NL. ! "
11:18pm 07-10-2012
Yo guys !!! we got a scrim request for friday 13/7 6on6 at 20 ,,,whos up for it ??
11:17pm 05-15-2012
Stop spam our Guest Book!!!
1:01am 05-13-2012
The Best in crystal clear voice communications server. open to the public. free to join

ip or web link ts3server://
Team speak 3 .Welcome & Enjoy Your Stay on our voice server for info connect me at
9:32pm 04-19-2012
is there any idea .... vodka or beer time friday ? saturday ?
10:48pm 04-11-2012
We now have a Group on steam thanks to Turbo, and its called: Old Viking Force!
7:13pm 04-08-2012
Ser fram emot nån match vid tillfälle.
5:30pm 04-07-2012
3:59pm 04-07-2012
Welcome Pressa to O.v.F and welcome back papa
1:49pm 04-07-2012
goood after morning all.
or is it hangover ? do no.
5:32pm 04-06-2012
Hey Guy´s!!!

So sorry for my absence lately..
But I do not know when I will have the time to comeback.

But I will definitely drop in from time to time!!

I have a busy year ahead of me!

Happy Hunting my Brothers!!

9:33pm 03-02-2012
Hi guys! just wondering if i could join OVF would be great if i was accepted..
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